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My appointment came today!  I read the assignment this morning, actually I cheated, and peaked the night before 🙂  I love that we need to try schedule times to share our testimony with 5 other people.  We schedule so many different things in our life but hope spiritual things “just happen.”


 I had to give my oldest foster son who is 21 a ride to and from an appointment he had.  On the way back an opportunity presented itself for me to share what God has been teaching me this past year.  I used the theme of comparison in my life through my testimony to him.  And as I gave him my testimony I asked him questions to relate the story to him.  Usually when we have our conversations they are tough and go in circles but this one had a direction and started with me being honest about my struggles in life and how God is changing me.  He gave me some great feedback and we really connected.  The time together was great!  At the end of my testimony I told him how hard it was to stop this comparison habit.   To stop comparing myself with others I had to get in the word and be who Jesus wants me to be.  I told him the only way to find that out is through his word.  I felt God wanted me to give him my “The Voice” Bible with all of my great markings so I reluctantly did.  I dropped him off at work and now as I am writing this I am realizing I should have prayed for him.  This reminds of one of my friends favorite sayings:


“Experience + Reflection = Transformation”


I also have not been doing very good on praying for my 30 people.  And after reading another blogger say she liked what I was doing to put the people on my calendar to pray for.  I did just that today first thing in the morning.  I entered all of the people in my google calendar and had it repeat that day every month.  That way it makes it harder for me not to pray for my person of the day and easier to do it.  I might even set up the reminders to text me every morning.  


This challenge has really emboldened me.  I have realized how many times I have held back my faith for fear of offending others.  At work we send out a weekly email to our customers and I have been writing a column in it about our theme for the year “Growing Together.”  This week I laid out that my wife and I along with many of our friends have been doing the discipleship challenge on this site and it has been great!  
So many cool conversations are happening between many people and the 30 people prayer challenging has really been amazing.

Justin Schuiteman

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I am first of all a Jesus follower who is passionate about reaching the unreached, discipleship, and helping the hurting. I have an amazing wife, who is my best friend, and 4 children 4, 7, 13, & 14. 8 years ago God got a hold of us and life has not been the same since!

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