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Day 13 – Victory through Sacrifice!

By May 16, 2016Day 13

The passages of Scripture for today reminded me that what the Lord wants from me is obedience.  And, obedience no matter the cost!  There was a time when I was in a spiritual struggle concerning my only son.  The Lord wanted me to put my only son completely in His hands.  I was perfectly willing to risk my life, and even made out a will.  But, to risk my son, who was barely a teenager, seemed foolish at best and at worst, criminal.  DCFS would have had a strong case!  Like Abraham, I had a Mt Moriah moment with the Lord; realizing that the Father has already provided for not only me, but also my son.  And, what we give in the way of obedience can never compare to what the Father has already given, and is a reflection of the love the Father has already lavished on us.  It is this same love that compels us — love will always find a way!  Interestingly, love never feels like a sacrifice — it feels like coming home victorious!

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