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Day 19: God’s Story.  I have written my story and practiced my story before.  People always talk about sharing your testimony, but I have never been asked to write God’s story in a way that I would tell it to others.  It was sort of difficult to decide what to include and what not to.  I feel when you look at God’s story from a snapshot in this way, you miss so much of the depth of the story.  However, I completely understand why you can’t just start reading the whole bible to someone.

For me, I felt that it was important to establish God’s sovereignty, to talk about man’s fall, then to talk about how God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for our sin.  Then it is important to include Jesus’ resurrection and how he will return.  I like how the video included a call to action.  I think it is important to include how people can react to this story.  If you didn’t check out the blog titled “Getting God’s Story Right” you should.  The video by Chris Sergeant in that blog gives you an easy way to include the different parts of God’s story.  It even gives symbols that you could draw to help you tell the story and possibly give to the person you’re talking with to serve as a visual reminder for them.  I wrote my version before watching that video, and what I wrote was pretty close to what he suggests, but there were a few key things that I simply didn’t think to include.  It was nice to have that structured outline to guide what I had written against.

Nicole Pounds

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Hi! My name is Nicole Pounds. I am a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, a foster momma to two little boys, and an avid follower of Christ. I love to eat sushi and ice cream, go for walks, and play with our foster babies. I am passionate about the church, spreading the word of Christ, and foster care/adoption. I am glad you are here and hope you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge!

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