Day 18.  Practice Telling Your Story.  Whew!  I joked today with the student intern that is with me right now that she came just at the right time to observe lots of IEP meetings, because it is meeting season! There are 3 1/2 weeks of school left (can I get a woot! woot!) and we are up to our eyeballs in paperwork and meetings that need to be done, on top of regular speech therapy sessions.  Today I got to work early to prepare for a meeting before work, completed a meeting during my lunch, and then rushed home to meet with our foster boys’ caseworker after work.  When my husband asked what was for dinner I joked “chips and ice cream!”  Luckily, he is amazing and made dinner for us 🙂

I did take time this morning, however, to sort through my list of 25 people.  I have decided on 4 that I would like to practice my testimony with.  I wanted some “safe” practices (insert people who have been a part of bible studies with me in the past) and at least 1 to be someone who doesn’t follow Jesus.  I did get 2 meetings scheduled, though one is with my sister during a skype date we already set, so I’m not sure whether that counts.  I am planning to spend more time tomorrow delving into who my last person could be and getting appointments set up with the other people.  I do really appreciate this challenge though, because it forces you to go out of your comfort zone and share your story.

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Nicole Pounds

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Hi! My name is Nicole Pounds. I am a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, a foster momma to two little boys, and an avid follower of Christ. I love to eat sushi and ice cream, go for walks, and play with our foster babies. I am passionate about the church, spreading the word of Christ, and foster care/adoption. I am glad you are here and hope you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge!

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  • Doug Lucas says:

    As always, Nicole, your post left me smiling, both because of your humor AND because of your commitment to the 30-Day Challenge. You take them so seriously, it’s refreshing! : )

    Also, it’s kind of noteworthy that this particular post, your response to Day 18, was the first post at with which we began experimenting with an infrastructure to take the site into multiple languages. (To see a Spanish version of your post — it’s just machine-translated at this point, yet to be massaged by a truly bilingual Spanish-speaking native — just hover over the English flag in the 30-Day Challenge menu at the very top of this webpage, or, alternatively, just click on the link in the first line of text, where the article is offered in Spanish as well. We also have a new partner starting on a German version — and we pray others are just around the corner. It might seem like a small thing, but for and its ability to impact a world-full of people, it’s a big deal for us. : )

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