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Day 10: Multiplication.  Tonight I write this way past my bedtime.  It has been a long, full day.  I did accomplish the challenge of telling friends about Disciple Making Movements and challenging them to begin making disciples and sign up for the 30 day challenge.  I haven’t had anyone officially accept yet, but I had a couple people tell me that they would check out the website and see what it is all about.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with my prayer partner.  It was great to get to debrief with her and tell her of all the things that I have seen God doing through this challenge.  I will be praying tonight for the people who I extended the invitation to join me.  I pray that they will catch the vision and begin to make disciples themselves.  It is amazing to think about the way that God could use this movement.  As I was thinking through who I could talk to today, I thought of a lot of different people, and what was especially amazing to me was that they weren’t even all from my church or even my town.  Essentially, God could use a movement like this and spread it through all kinds of connections.  And when you look at the rippling effect of a movement like that, each of those people would then be reaching people from other areas, and essentially your obedience to God could be helping reach people that you don’t know, and may not ever know.  It’s kind of amazing that God could work in that way.  He is so much bigger and more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Nicole Pounds

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Hi! My name is Nicole Pounds. I am a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, a foster momma to two little boys, and an avid follower of Christ. I love to eat sushi and ice cream, go for walks, and play with our foster babies. I am passionate about the church, spreading the word of Christ, and foster care/adoption. I am glad you are here and hope you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge!

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  • Doug Lucas says:

    Appreciated the fact that you’ve captured the vision of a movement, Nicole! Praising God for your determination.