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Join the conversation about recruiting another 30-day Challenge participant

By November 4, 2015Day 02

world-lights-large-200x200Do you have a story about recruiting another 30-day Challenge participant? Did he or she agree, then come back to tell you how much he or she appreciated the process? Or are you having trouble figuring out how? Just click “Comment” below. If you’re willing to become a regular blogger about implementing the 30-Day challenge, just say so in your reply. We’ll elevate your status so you can create regular blogs about multiplying disciples.

Doug Lucas

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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Heather Allen says:

    Now more than ever, I understand this. We’ve all seen the illustration where you take one stick and easily break it in half but if you put several sticks together you can’t break it. I think that’s the way that it works with us as well. It’s easy for the enemy to attack us when we try to do things on our own, no matter how noble it is. But if we have someone praying for us, adding their “stick” to yours it’s harder for you to be broken by the enemy.

    Heather Allen

    • Doug Lucas says:

      Great point, Heather. Thanks for the reminder of the illustration about “multiple sticks,” too.