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Do you have a story about finding your prayer partner? Has your partner been of particular value in helping you through the 30-Day Challenge?¬†Just click “Comment” below. If you’re willing to become a regular blogger about implementing the 30-Day challenge, just say so in your reply. We’ll elevate your status so you can create regular blogs about multiplying disciples.

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  • globalguy says:

    I’ve had positive experiences every single time I’ve asked someone for items for which I could pray. They have always seemed encouraged and uplifted. So… I’m praying for them — and a few have even prayed for me. I understand that the goal is to create an environment for prayer — and I’m enjoying it.

  • This is about my prayer partner. We have known one another at least 30 to 40 years. We had a mutual friend who went home to be with the Lord. After that we became closer friends and started praying with one another. We share our requests on email and in person. We’ve had a lot of positive experiences while praying together and I want to continue this prayer partnership for the rest of my life.