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Seven Things in Seven Years

Lee Wood is one of the hosts of The More Disciples Podcast, the pastor of 1Body Church, a missionary, and more than anything, a multiplier. In this Ebook, Lee shares the Seven Things He's Learned in Seven Years of Disciple Making.

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Seven Things in Seven Years

Become a More Effective Disciple-Maker

Lee’s Seven Things

  1. You take care of the depth of your ministry God takes care of the breadth. Intimacy with God is the foundation to everything (John 17:3).
  2. Pour deeply into the few who will obey no matter what the cost. This is much more effective than pouring shallow into many who won’t put it into practice.
  3. Keep doing what you’re doing you will get better at it. Failure is guaranteed, but failing forward is how we get better.
  4. Obey and train others who will do the same. You can’t pass on what you do not possess.
  5. Simple things grow, simple things multiply. Complex things do not.
  6. The Kingdom and the church is always relational before its organizational. Organization flows out of relationship, not the other way around.
  7. We must all connect, communicate and collaborate with one another in unity. All followers of Jesus must unify as churches and the Church from micro to macro (John 17:23).