How do YOU get Spiritual Conversations Started?

By December 3, 2015 Day 11

How do you have ‘intentional conversations?’ ¬†What are some ways to get the ball rolling? ¬†Please click ‘comment’ under this blog entry and join the conversation!

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  • Judy says:

    I have a Fitbit which has got me walking a lot more. This causes me to see many of the same people regularly. They will comment, “You’re walking a lot.” And we chat. Then I add I like to walk and I pray as I walk. Since most people I meet are Muslims, they are very happy about prayer. I ask what I can pray for them. This leads to more conversations. I just had three conversations this morning and prayed with the people each of whom wants to talk to me again…

  • Doug Lucas says:

    Great input, Judy!

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