# of disciples in 30 days if we add 1 new person per day
# of disciples in 30 days if each disciple wins 1 new person per day

Our Vision: Multiplying disciples and churches among the unreached

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Jerry Trousdale
Author of Miraculous Movements

David Watson
Co-Author of Contagious Disciplemaking

Curtis Sergeant
Trainer with MetaCamp.org

Steve Parlato
Trainer with ActBeyond

Prayer coordinator in her local church

Elder in his local church

Harry Brown
VP Int’l Ministries, CityTeam

Dr. Bruce Carlton
Professor, Author, and disciple maker

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Here’s the 24th edition of MoreDisciples.com, the podcast. Welcome. In this edition, we interview a specialist in Disciple Making Movement (DMM) principles AND we process that intro through the lense…

23) Christmas Celebration

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Episode 23 of More Disciples (the Podcast) features the Christmas and goalsetting Review/Celebration of the org that Doug Lucas leads, Team Expansion. The org focuses on multiplying disciples and churches…

22) PayDay

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Mike Squires was a long-time missionary in West Africa, helping with a disciple making movement (DMM) effort that has achieved amazing results. By the end of November, 2016, after Mike’s…

21) Rob Jankowski: Relational Stewardship / Chat

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In this, the 21st episode of the More Disciples podcast, we join Rob Jankowski at a training program with the church he leads, New Hope Christian Church in Whitestown, Indiana….

20) Rob Jankowski – a Vision for Multiplication

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In this, our 20th episode of MoreDisicples Podcast, we visit New Hope Christian Church in Whitestown, IN, where Rob Jankowski (not to be confused with the baseball player, TRAVIS Jankowski),…

19) Dean Trune: How God Communicates

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In this, our 19th episode of More Disciples Podcast, we feature Dean Trune, Director of Intentional Impact Ministries, speaking on the topic of “Understanding How God Communicates.” He originally delivered…