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# of disciples in 30 days if we add 1 new person per day
# of disciples in 30 days if each disciple wins 1 new person per day

Our Vision: Multiplying disciples and churches among the unreached

In addition to signing up for the 30-Day Challenge, above (which is more or less an individual decision), we also recommend you consider getting together a group of 4-12 people to sign up at our sister site for a Zume group. Learn more at www.ZumeProject.com. Also, watch for the new book coming soon, More Disciples: A Guide to Becoming and Multiplying Followers of Jesus, with Foreword by David Garrison, and the Introduction and Epilogue by Curtis Sergeant. Published by WIGTake, the same publisher who brought you Church-Planting Movements, T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution,  and more. All profits [if there are any? : ) ] go toward doing “live” trainings in DMM tools/lives, plus translating Zúme into new languages! www.ZumeProject.com )

Here’s a simple way to share God’s story with a friend – or someone you just met. Draw it on a napkin. Sketch it on your ipad. Or, if you prefer, just show them the video. Either way, use it to make more disciples!

Check out this video to learn more about disciple-making practices in general.

What People are Saying about MoreDisciples.com

Jerry Trousdale
Author of Miraculous Movements and Co-author of The Kingdom Unleashed

David Watson
Co-Author of Contagious Disciplemaking

Curtis Sergeant
Trainer with MetaCamp.org
and creative genius behind

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