Day 30

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 30

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Well this is it, the last day of the challenge. Although, It’s not really as much of ending as it has been a beginning. I have been so so dearly blessed by the past 30 days. I am excited about the new spiritual disciplines that I’ve learned and want to carry out into my daily life such as the prayer calendar. I am also excited about how easy sharing my story and God’s story has become. I’ve became way more comfortable with being open about my faith and learned about the intentionality of looking for others to disciple.

It’s been so neat to watch multiplication happen before my very eyes. I’ve seen God use this challenge in so many ways that I can’t even count. And I’m going to be honest some days it was a battle. I didn’t always feel like doing the challenge and struggled, but with prayer from my prayer partner and blessings of focus and diligence from my Father I was able to push on with the challenge. The victories and wonderful works that I’ve seen occur from this challenge have completely outweighed and blown away any doubts or setbacks that I had. Never before have I felt so connected with my other brothers in sisters in Christ as I now feel as though I am apart of a prayer network with many all praying for each other.

Tomorrow my mother starts the challenge and I cannot wait to encourage her and watch God move through her!

Here’s to the end of the 30 days but the beginning of a life that seeks to start disciple making movements! It’s been real, Cheers!

Day 30 – Where do we go from here?

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That’s a really good question.  It’s my personal feeling that if the church in America doesn’t embrace the principles and practices of disciples making disciples — the church in America will not much longer endure.  Thank you, Team Expansion, for launching More Disciples!

Day 30: Let’s Roll

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The 30 day challenge is over…But the real challenge is just beginning.  It is easy for us to watch the videos and do what we choose to do.  But what if we all joined groups who lived this out and challenged and encouraged each other.  I did not do a great job of doing this every day.  It actually took me close to twice as long.  What I learned from this is that there are times where life is busy and lots are going on but should discipleship take a back seat?  I have been challenged now not to just make it a program but a rhythm in my life.


This site has so many resources.  I am looking forward to going through more of them to see what else I can learn and obey.  Thanks so much More Disciples for your vision of this.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Thanks for allowing me to write about my journey on this.
I challenge you all to cast a wide net and ask a lot of people to do the discipleship challenge with the intent once it is done to start a movement.  Most people in the church just need to be asked to do something.  More disciples seems like a nice and easy first step for many.

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 30

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Day 30: Next Steps.  Well, we made it! Day 30, the last day of the challenge, however, the challenge is only beginning.  We are called to make disciples and we have gained a lot of great tools through this training, but we have so much more to do from here.  Don’t let your journey stop here; make discipleship a lifestyle.

I have loved going through this training and having a resource to share with others who want to begin a life of discipleship as well.  I have had the opportunity to share it with many people from my church, friends who are preparing to move abroad to share the gospel with unreached people groups, students from our youth ministry, small group leaders, etc.  I can’t wait to see what God does through the people in my community once we begin to make disciples who make disciples.  Become a disciple who multiplies.

Free “Engage” Curriculum

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Some people like to have a curriculum for their discovery Bible study (DBS or three-thirds group). If that’s you, try this free curriculum from CityTeam. Just click on each bullet point, then right-click and choose, from the context menu, “Save as…” to save the PDF on your hard drive.

This isn’t a “classic” three-thirds group curriculum, in that there is a more finely-tuned plan, but it might be a great ‘bridge’ to a full three-thirds vision, especially if you’re helping a church adapt its existing small groups over to a full-on three-thirds process.

Being Part of Two Churches

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Many people ask, “How does rapid growth take place in these Kingdom movements?” One of the genius concepts behind these movements is the simple idea that every member needs to be willing to serve as part of two churches: The ‘home’ church or group, as well as a NEW group that each member is also starting. It’s like a river splitting many times over as it forms its delta. Sound confusing? Curtis explains:

Simple Church

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So “What is a Church?” That’s the question Curtis Sergeant tries to answer in the following video. And on Day #4 in the 30-Day Challenge, we ask that you “Make a List” of 30 people for whom you’ll pray. In reality, we’re beginning to help you think of all the people in your sphere. These are some of your closest associates — and likely, some of the folks with whom you’d like to be closer.

In New Testament times, your sphere of influence might meet in your home for a “house church” or “simple church.” In reality, this might be the most easily reproduced church of all. That’s Curtis’ point: we could multiply these “simple churches,” if we could just focus on them for a while. : )

Could this book help us recruit?

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If we’re going to be successful at mobilizing the whole church in these DMM principles, I wonder if we’re going to have to be more creative than we ever have before. For example, could this book (which seeks to weave DMM principles into a novel or story-line) help us convey the concepts to someone who might never have imagined them otherwise?


Click the image of the book to see the listing on Amazon to read/learn more — or, if you prefer, copy this link and paste it into your browser: