Day 24

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 24

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Today’s challenge was to read over the scriptures that talk about the body of Christ and how we should treat each other and reflect how you can live that out in your own life. It was a neat day for this to be the challenge on today because we are vacationing in Branson, MO where my dear friend and sister in Christ, Bailey, recently moved to attend College of the Ozarks and today I was able to meet up with her! It was just a fun time of fellowship to catch up and see how she was doing. She is super close with her family so her first week of living at college has been kind of hard. I enjoyed just listening to her and loving on her as she talked about her recent transition.

Today my SOAP was over 1 Timothy 5 and also talked about how we should treat people other people. It talks about treating older men as fathers, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters with all purity. Also, it discusses how we should care for others in our households and in the church.

Day 24 – Importance of Body Life

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The “one another” passages of the NT remind us that discipleship, and even evangelism, are best seen as a team sport.  Years ago, in Taiwan, we prayed weekly for Eugene’s parents, who had disowned him for becoming a Christian.  Later, when Eugene’s parents home was flooded, our small group went and spent 2 days cleaning up the house.  Very few words were spoken, but volumes were communicated.  Not long after that, Eugene’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and the church prayed.  Eugene’s dad recovered, and they could no longer resist the love and power of God.  Eugene’s mom and dad gave their lives to Christ.  And, Eugene’s small group, as well as the entire church rejoiced; because they all knew that they all played a part in this conversion story.  Ephesians 4:12 reminds us that by being “thoroughly equipped,” we all play a part in building up the body.  It reminds us that we all have gifts and abilities that can bless and build up the body of Christ.  BTW, a footnote to the above story:  we also discover new things about one another when we serve with one another — apparently, I waggle in a funny way when I mop a floor.

Day 24: One….Anothers

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I love the one anothers on the sheet.  Too many times we think our relationship with Christ is this individual thing.  I feel like when we have true community with others where we love one another and serve one another and help make each other better that is what Christianity is about.  When I have surrounded myself with people who have different gifts and we have all recognized them and encouraged them, we have all grown.  
Our “One anothers” we do in our faith right now is just in Church in a big group.  I feel like we need to get small and intentional again with our “One Anothers” in smaller groups who are on mission together so we can go a lot deeper instead of so wide. How many people do we truly know…I mean actually know deeply…not just know about.  I believe God is calling us all back to intentional community to help reveal to the world what Christian love looks like.

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 24

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Day 24: The Body.  I once had a conversation with a former boss where I intentionally brought up Jesus and the church I was attending.  She mentioned that she thinks its great for me to be in church, but that it just doesn’t work for her.  She felt that she was able to follow Christ and spend time learning about him without attending a church full of “hypocrites.”  At that time, all I knew to say was “Well, I really love being connected to other believers and learning from others and living in community.”  I love that now I feel equipped with some scripture also to back up the importance of not only being connected to God, but also to the body.

Being challenged and encouraged by other believers that are helping you learn new things, holding you accountable, giving you words of encouragement, supporting you through the hard things, etc. is so important.  It is not something that should be optional.  It is something that the scripture makes very clear should be a priority.