Day 19

23) Christmas Celebration

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Episode 23 of More Disciples (the Podcast) features the Christmas and goalsetting Review/Celebration of the org that Doug Lucas leads, Team Expansion. The org focuses on multiplying disciples and churches among the unreached and, in this episode, Doug and his friend, Allan, turn a bunch of interviews into a quasi radio show. Merry Christmas to all who listen!

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 19

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It’s kind of interesting that today’s challenge was what it was because Annie and I were just discussing yesterday how to share salvation with others. She had Romans Road written down in her notebook and gave it to me to read through and I had planned to go back and look it up to write it down later and then I pulled up the challenge for today!

I watched Curtis Sergeant’s video from his blog titled “Getting God’s Story Right” and then I practiced drawing the pictures and writing the points in my notebook this morning. I really like the idea of having visuals to move through as you tell people about salvation. I think I might go back through and try and tie some scriptures from Romans Road in with the the visual method.

I really liked getting to do this challenge today because it forced me to think about what I would tell someone about salvation through Jesus. It’s something I have never thought of practicing, but I like the idea of being ready to share it when an opportunity arises.

Today I also got to go hammocking with Morgan, a friend who I recruited to do the challenge on Day 2, and just see how everything was going for her and encourage her. We also just had a lot of discussion about being discipled and discipling others. She was one that I felt lead to share my story with from Day 18 so I shared with her my “mini story” of becoming part of a life group. This was a mini story that  I hadn’t practiced yet, but Morgan was open to listening as I explained the importance of meeting with other believers in discipleship on a weekly basis and how life groups had got me through some tough years of High School. There is something healing about meeting with other believers in a small group setting and I encourage all followers of Christ to get involved with a small group of some kind. My hardest years were the ones when I didn’t have the support and love from my life group to keep going through the week. I’m so blessed to have them now and I really encouraged Morgan to join one too!

Day 19 – How Much to Share

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I’m a firm believer that with the first presentation — less is best!  I’m also a firm believer that an excellent indication that the Holy Spirit is working in the life of the individual with whom you’re sharing are the questions they may ask.  These may not come immediately, so prayer until you follow-up with them is critical.

Day 19: Work on the Story

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Why do we not have something like this memorized to share with others?  What if we really spent time preparing and thinking through the story?  It would cause us to think through more clearly why we believe what we do.  In the community I am in it is very religious.  I grew up with people all around me who all thought similarly.  A few years back God challenged me to share my faith with others.  As I did that I ran into different people.  I remember sitting down with a salesman for lunch and I prayed before my meal quietly and after I was done he asked me “What are you catholic?”  That started a conversation where he said he was a universalist.  I asked many questions and he asked what do I believe.  I stuttered a bit and said I believe in Jesus and couldn’t get out more than that.  This lead me to really searching what I really believed and diving in the word more. Our conversations continued from there and we are still great friends.  As he has asked questions it has helped refine my faith tremendously.
I have went through the Story of God by SOMA and the Story of God for Kids by them as well with my boys.  These have helped me greatly.  So many times we see the stories of the bible as just stories.  We don’t see them connected together to form “The Story.”  What if we spent as much time preparing our testimony and the story of the bible as much as we spent watching TV, going on the internet, washing our cars, or any other things.  As I was mowing my lawn tonight I saw many regrets I have made in not taking care of my yard as well as I could have.  Should I have those same feelings toward some of the things I have not done in my spiritual life?  The reason we have regrets about our yard and house is we can see them.  We don’t have regrets in our spiritual life because the deficiencies don’t pop up until trouble or an opportunity to witness comes up.  Let’s take as much time preparing for the spiritual as we do the physical.  We might have some more trees and plants that die in our yard but hopefully we can help point some people to Christ with the time saved.

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 19

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Day 19: God’s Story.  I have written my story and practiced my story before.  People always talk about sharing your testimony, but I have never been asked to write God’s story in a way that I would tell it to others.  It was sort of difficult to decide what to include and what not to.  I feel when you look at God’s story from a snapshot in this way, you miss so much of the depth of the story.  However, I completely understand why you can’t just start reading the whole bible to someone.

For me, I felt that it was important to establish God’s sovereignty, to talk about man’s fall, then to talk about how God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for our sin.  Then it is important to include Jesus’ resurrection and how he will return.  I like how the video included a call to action.  I think it is important to include how people can react to this story.  If you didn’t check out the blog titled “Getting God’s Story Right” you should.  The video by Chris Sergeant in that blog gives you an easy way to include the different parts of God’s story.  It even gives symbols that you could draw to help you tell the story and possibly give to the person you’re talking with to serve as a visual reminder for them.  I wrote my version before watching that video, and what I wrote was pretty close to what he suggests, but there were a few key things that I simply didn’t think to include.  It was nice to have that structured outline to guide what I had written against.