Day 13

25) Wired for This

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In this 25th episode of More Disciples, the podcast, we interview “Mac,” Lisa, and Bob — 3 members of a megachurch in Florida who are on the hunt for something more. They see that we’ve “academic-ized” Christianity by packaging it as a product and they’re searching for something different. They want to be engaged. They just want to know how.


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Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 13

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I’m leaving to sponsor a week long junior high church camp in the next hour and I am soooooo pumped to see what God has in store for this week! I will continue doing the 30 day challenge while I am there so I am excited to see God move through the challenge at camp! But, I will not have the computer access to blog about the challenge while I am there. I will write in my journal about how God is using the challenges and come back and post blogs about them after I return home next week. Prayers for the hearts of the students I will be discipling and see you all in a week!


I just got back from camp this past weekend and have seen God move in so many ways! My spirit is full after coming back from this week! Here is a recap of what happened this past week on Day 13…

So before I left for camp I urgently felt like I needed to go see my friend who was struggling with her anxiety and depression (see Day 11 & 12 for more details). The morning before I left it just so happened (I’m starting to realize God has this knack for coincidences) that in both of our busy schedules we were both free from 11:30 til 1:00 so I drove over to her house to give her My Name is Hope By John Mark Comer, love on her and pray for her. It was such a neat time for me because I was able to empathize with her in a time when she is feeling so alone. I was able to encourage her to stay grounded in Truth and continue getting in the scripture and tell her about how through his word God rescued me from my anxiety. I prayed for her and it was so neat to see how God could take my story of anxiety and use it for his Kingdom. I love that our God allows broken people like me to reach out and help other broken people.

Also the verses and video for today just really got me thinking about obedience and inspired me to have immediate and complete obedience in the things I feel God is laying on my heart. No more excuses. If my heart is truly after God’s then I’ll be obedient to him even when it’s difficult or doesn’t make sense. Obedience requires me to lay down my ideas and trust.

Day 13 – Victory through Sacrifice!

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The passages of Scripture for today reminded me that what the Lord wants from me is obedience.  And, obedience no matter the cost!  There was a time when I was in a spiritual struggle concerning my only son.  The Lord wanted me to put my only son completely in His hands.  I was perfectly willing to risk my life, and even made out a will.  But, to risk my son, who was barely a teenager, seemed foolish at best and at worst, criminal.  DCFS would have had a strong case!  Like Abraham, I had a Mt Moriah moment with the Lord; realizing that the Father has already provided for not only me, but also my son.  And, what we give in the way of obedience can never compare to what the Father has already given, and is a reflection of the love the Father has already lavished on us.  It is this same love that compels us — love will always find a way!  Interestingly, love never feels like a sacrifice — it feels like coming home victorious!

Day 13: Love is…..obedience

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In reading the verses today the Love described in the Bible is not the wavering, touchy-feely, optionally defined love we see in culture.  The Love Jesus described has teeth because it has a cost and is full of truth.  It is offensive in many ways.


“If you love me you will bear fruit.”  

“Those who love me will take up their cross and follow me.”


That doesn’t sound like the love we see today. The culturally love we see today does not make commands.  It lets someone you love do whatever they want because it is their decision. In culture today love is cheap and doesn’t have a whole lot of value because it is based on a “feeling” not a decision.  If my love for Jesus is based on a feeling I am not going to want to do the hard thing of taking up my cross and following him.  I am not going to love my enemies.  I am not going to do the hard things.  

You see in the church we get love and obedience wrong these days.  We think following God is this set of rules that robs us from our happiness.  When in all reality I have discovered that God’s commands and rules are their for our protection and following after God is the most exciting, truly joyful thing you could experience.  You see Jesus isn’t asking us to do something he wouldn’t do.  He showed us what love looked like.  It was not a weak, pushover, wavering love.  It was a commitment.  A commitment to love God after we truly grasp how much he love us.  He died for us!  Our love and obedience is not bread out of guilt but out of thankfulness.  It is in gratitude that he would die for us and then allow us to be a part of his plan.  After reading these passages and listening to the video I am really wanting to do a study on what love is by definition of Jesus and compare that to what the world says.  I think we would be amazed.
Love and obedience in our culture seem like they are on way opposite ends of the spectrum but in the bible they go hand in hand.  

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 13

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Day 13: Love Means Obedience.  Today’s challenge lent itself very nicely to an elongated quiet time with God.  Delving into this idea that love means obedience was such a good reminder.  We see this theme over and over in scripture, not only through the passages in today’s challenge but through stories such as Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.  We see person after person follow God even if they don’t know what exactly that will mean for them or how He will provide.

The verse that spoke to me the most tonight is one that God has actually placed on my heart many times in the last few months.  John 15: 9-10:

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love.  If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in his love.

Over and over, God has been telling me “remain in me.”  I have seen Him whisper those words to me through various studies, sermons, and just my quiet prayer time with Him.  And how do I learn to remain in Him? By obeying His commands.  Love means obedience.  I think this statement is largely born out of the nature of trust.  If you love someone, you generally trust them.  In the same way, if we love God we will trust God.  It takes a lot of trust sometimes to follow God’s commands and to seek out His will for your life; and sometimes this is a daily thing.  In Luke 9, Jesus says “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross DAILY and follow me.” (emphasis mine).  We have to choose every single day if we are going to be obedient to our creator or not.

A Serious Calling to Missions

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What does it mean to be ‘called’ to missions? How do we know when we’ve been called? Some missions experts say a calling is simply becoming aware of a need — then knowing we can do something about it. In this video by Curtis Sergeant, you’ll hear about a Chinese house church movement who took a calling seriously. What about you? How seriously are YOU willing to take a calling from the Lord?

What Kind of Character Does it Take?

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What kind of person does it take to disciple people who will want to make disciples? What kind of character does it take to stand beside them? Start with prayer. Add in care. Then pour on a thick layer of training. To help you imagine what kind of person you might need to become, and to help you imagine those you want standing beside you, watch this video by trainer, Richard Williams.

Richard Williams