Day 10

28) Prius

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In this, the 28th edition of MoreDisciples Podcast, Doug interviews Roy Moran, then Doug & Eric try to digest everything they learn about hybrid churches — those congregations trying to combine traditional beachhead church approaches with disciple making movement approaches. Here’s a worksheet mentioned during the podcast on 7 Journeys.

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20) Rob Jankowski – a Vision for Multiplication

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In this, our 20th episode of MoreDisicples Podcast, we visit New Hope Christian Church in Whitestown, IN, where Rob Jankowski (not to be confused with the baseball player, TRAVIS Jankowski), is once again casting the vision for making disciples who multiply into other disciples. Rob has helped the New Hope church RADICALLY embrace a DMM model, and since doing so, groups within the church have grown from 11 to 26 and attendance is now 600 disciple makers.

15) Launching a DMM on a University campus

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In this, our 15th podcast edition at More Disciples, we share with Eric (“JED”) (last name withheld for security reasons) what happened at a university this past Sunday night… and how we hope (and pray) that God will launch a disciple making movement there.

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 10

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WOW! I’m a third of the way through the challenge and it’s been so inspiring so far! I’m excited to see what God has in store for the rest of the challenge!

First of all I would just like to share a cool thing that happened this morning… I texted my friend that was on my prayer calendar for today and asked her how I could be praying for her throughout the day and she said that she has really been struggling with her depression lately but that it was kind of crazy that I had texted her this morning because she had had a really rough night last night and I was the second person to text her today and ask how I could pray for her. I then got to have a really good conversation with her and pray for her.

Moving on to the topic of today’s challenge… I’ve decided to really encourage my parents, sister, and my best friend to look into doing the challenge. I just think it would be cool for those I love the most to go through this challenge and build these disciple making skills. The challenge has been such a blessing for me and I want it to bless them as well.  I’m especially going to try and get my sister to do it because I think this would be a great thing for her to do going into High School.

Day 10 – Disciple Making / Greater Things

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We’ve been back in the US for nearly 2 years, and hit the ground running. We spent the first year raising up and training small group leaders. The second year we’ve spent launching small groups. Why do I mention this? Well, what brings the greatest joy: making and training disciples, or watching those same disciples make more disciples? Truly, it is a greater joy being a grandparent in the faith. How fulfilling it is to see those you raised up going way beyond what you envisioned possible! Jesus did amazing things, but said his disciples would do even “greater things than these” (John 14:12). How cool is that!

Day 10: Don’t Add! Multiply!

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I did not get my assignment done yesterday….I could have fit it in but I didn’t. Work was super busy as we planted trees and educated local students at schools.   Almost  immediately after I got home we started the Secret Church Simulcast with David Platt for 6 hours.  Over 25 people showed up and we Got to listen David bring the word for 6 hours.  It was awesome!  I could try squeeze 2 of these in today but I am going to allow myself a mulligan.  I am going to try do this well.  As part of the challenge I did ask a younger employee of mine to do the discipleship challenge with me and he agreed to.  Also my wife and some of her friends are looking at starting it…..I really should have asked her to do this with me from the start.  In the last couple of years I have felt challenged to do more of the same studies and things with my wife so we can get a common vision.  It is too easy for her to do Beth Moore and me to do my guys study and for us to get excited but not be on the same mission together.
I loved the video and a few years back I read a book called “The Making of a Disciple” by Dr. Keith Phillips.  He made a similar point on how if he made one true disciple who discipled another after 30 years it would be around 6 billion people!  We need to think more about things like this.  Too many times I want a quick fix or a big show but God has layed on my heart that I need to stay the course with discipleship.  I love the challenge Curtis layed down that:   “The only way to do this was to focus on making disciples that multiplied and making churches that multiplied.”  We need to start getting rid jof some of the “good” things and focus on discipleship that multiplies.  Jesus model worked pretty well as he discipled 12 well and those 12 changed the world!

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 10

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Day 10: Multiplication.  Tonight I write this way past my bedtime.  It has been a long, full day.  I did accomplish the challenge of telling friends about Disciple Making Movements and challenging them to begin making disciples and sign up for the 30 day challenge.  I haven’t had anyone officially accept yet, but I had a couple people tell me that they would check out the website and see what it is all about.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with my prayer partner.  It was great to get to debrief with her and tell her of all the things that I have seen God doing through this challenge.  I will be praying tonight for the people who I extended the invitation to join me.  I pray that they will catch the vision and begin to make disciples themselves.  It is amazing to think about the way that God could use this movement.  As I was thinking through who I could talk to today, I thought of a lot of different people, and what was especially amazing to me was that they weren’t even all from my church or even my town.  Essentially, God could use a movement like this and spread it through all kinds of connections.  And when you look at the rippling effect of a movement like that, each of those people would then be reaching people from other areas, and essentially your obedience to God could be helping reach people that you don’t know, and may not ever know.  It’s kind of amazing that God could work in that way.  He is so much bigger and more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Paradigm Shift

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To do DMM, one has to change so many norms — honestly… it’s a game-changer. If you don’t believe it, watch “Paradigm Shifts,” another video in the Engage Africa: Through disciple making movements video series produced by Tekmerion Productions, made possible by Final Command Ministries, in cooperation with CityTeam International. (Thanks to Jerry Trousdale for sharing these with


Networks and Fractals

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Once ‘simple churches’ start to multiply, how do they relate to one another? What does a movement look like, practically? And how are these various “three-thirds groups” or DBSes accountable to one another, if at all? What’s more, what does it look like once a movement spreads across an entire region? Those are the tough questions Curtis Sergeant addresses in the video below.

Becoming a Disciple Worth Multiplying

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You might remember that, on Day 3, we talked about becoming a disciple worth multiplying. The idea is simple, actually: If we’re going to make a copy of something, we need to find the best original possible.

Recently, I was told that Ying Kai started each of his days with a 3-hour prayer time. Humbling. Sobering. And inspiring. When we discussed this idea previously, we referred you to a video about Abraham by Curtis Segeant, a Trainer in multiplication concepts. It’s worth watching the video again, below.

How did DMM Become Such a Big Deal?

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Curious about the “big picture” of how “DMM” has become such a big deal so suddenly? Would you like to catch a sweeping explanation of who has been involved in promoting this new strategy… and how it compares with more traditional evangelistic outreaches? Catch this video by Bill McCorquodale, a long-time pastor, sharing his story about how he encountered disciple-making movement principles on a plane.

"Why DMM?" By Bill McCorquodale

The Importance of Multiplication

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Throughout, we feature trainers who share and elaborate on the concepts we’re presenting in the 30-Day Challenge. These trainers will help you pick up on key topics such as how to facilitate a Discover Bible Study (or Three-Thirds Group), principles in launching disciple making movements (or DMM’s), and becoming a disciple worth multiplying. Here is Curtis Sergeant answering the question, “Why should we even talk about multiplication?”

The Importance of Multiplication