Day 09

27) Tsunami

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In this, Episode 27 of MoreDisciples Podcast, we interview Jim Yost of Indonesia. He recounts a life-changing and cataclysmic event which set him on a path that has taken him into a ministry he could never have imagined.

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22) PayDay

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Mike Squires was a long-time missionary in West Africa, helping with a disciple making movement (DMM) effort that has achieved amazing results. By the end of November, 2016, after Mike’s team had been focusing on DMM principles for just 27 months, God had raised up over 650 souls to be baptized, worshiping in 187 groups or “simple churches,” banded together with a total of 2,000 in attendance in all. But this story, “Payback,” is the story of honoring Mike for paying the ultimate sacrifice — giving his LIFE for the Cause. (Mike died of a very serious infection sustained while working in West Africa, after having fought a seven-day battle in a local hospital there. Thank you, Mike Squires, and all those like you, who have given their lives for making disciples who make disciples.

Discipleship Through the Eyes of Youth: Day 9

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I really needed this reminder of Urgency today. Urgency has always been something that’s kind of came and gone in spells for me and if I’m being honest, I haven’t been very urgent about spreading the gospel lately. These videos gave me a wake up call that I needed.

Often times I feel that God is calling me to do something, but I put it off until the next day or next week and approach with an “I’ll do it when I have time” mentality. But I’ve began to learn that there never is enough time and that you have to choose what you’re going to give your time to. If there is one thing that gets a portion of my time it should be the mission that God has called me to. It’s more important than any homework assignment, class grade, hobby, sport, job, or club that fights for my time.

A quote from the video that really stuck with me today is, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.”

It reminded me that when I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to do something it’s because the hearts of those around me have been being prepared as well. The Holy Spirit’s prompting is so much more than just the prompting of my heart, it’s the prompting of my heart at the same time that the Spirit’s been prompting and preparing the hearts of those around me and to delay my response to the Spirit could mean missing the “lifetime of the opportunity” given to me.

I’ll leave you with these verses from Esther that kind of go along with this idea for me…

Esther was contemplating whether she was going to risk her life and go to the king on behalf of the Jews, or not, and Mordecai challenged her with these words of urgency…

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise from the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14

God’s will is God’s will. He gives us the opportunities to be apart of it. When opportunities arise I don’t want to pass them on. I want to be apart of his kingdom purpose, now I need to live like it.

P.S. Good News! I met with my prayer partner, Annie, this morning and she began the challenge today!

Day 9 – Urgency

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Curtis Sergeant’s non-stop finger snapping sure got old quickly. But, isn’t it surreal to imagine that each snap is a soul that is forever lost. We might console ourselves by thinking that we don’t know them — until, one of those snaps is someone we know: maybe a friend, a family member, a neighbor or a co-worker dies suddenly. Grief hurts! Can we imagine knowing and loving every single person represented by every finger snap? God can. God does. The people on my list: members of my golf league and my neighbors — may I be found faithful.

Day 9: Urgency

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Today myself and group of friends of mine did a chapel at a local high school.  We presented about God’s heart for the nations.  We shared about the 10/40 window and how 70% of the people groups in the 10/40 window are unreached.  Many of the people in these people groups will be born, live, and die all without hearing the gospel.  And like in Curtis’ video the reality is that people are dieing without Christ every second.  Does that affect or pain us?  It should.  We shared how God’s heart from Genesis through Revelations was “Enjoy my grace.  Extend my Glory.”

I am trying to reorient my life and say no to many good things.  The world offers us many good things and tries to get us to believe the lie that we need more “down” time or “thoughtless” time.  But I have realized that I receive more life from picking up the pace and focusing on ways to engage and inspire others to follow Jesus.  Tomorrow night we are having a wide group of people over to do a secret church simulcast with David Platt.  This simulcast video is 6 hours of David Platt plowing through scripture.  The pace of us taking in this much scripture is awesome.   To some this sounds boring and not fun but to myself this is life giving and purposeful, way better than 6 hours of Netflix.    We did this with 9 people last year and this year it looks like we are going to have around 20 this year.  I have been challenged to live life with more urgency for the gospel.  We lack urgency in what we do and we think we are invincible.  We are willing to waste time on trivial things and put off the lost.  I need to look at my list of 25 daily and pray who God wants me to talk to.  I have some buddhist friends that God is working on.  I need to keep praying and keep being intentional about interacting with them.  If they died tomorrow where would they go?  I know the answer and that should cause me to live at a faster pace with more urgency.

Discipleship When Life Is Busy: Day 9

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Day 9: A Sense of Urgency.  Today’s challenge was to watch two videos about upping the pace of discipleship.  Can we all just say “wow.”  I mean, talk about challenging.  To think of how many people die each day without knowing Christ.  It’s an incredibly important job that we have!  And to also think about how little urgency we as a church approach discipleship and evangelism with, it is just mind boggling.

As I thought through all of this tonight I began to look at my own life.  I will admit that sometimes I feel a sense of urgency, but many times I don’t approach evangelism or my faith with a sense of urgency.  I fall into the trap of being too busy or feeling tired or like something can wait until tomorrow.  I began to think through what is taking up my time:  Work.  Kids.  Housework.  Church.  Social Media.  Netflix.  I mean, some of those things are simply needed.  Some of those things are glorifying God.  However, some of those things simply aren’t.  I mean, how much time each day do you spend scrolling through Facebook or Instagram?  How much time each day do you spend wasting while watching TV? I know, for me, the answer is too much.

As far as work goes…I find it hard to focus on evangelism while I am writing Individualized Education Plans or planning therapy, however, work gives me a great opportunity to develop relationships with people I might not know otherwise.  It gives me an opportunity to show Christ to others and to talk with them.  I admit, I can get so busy at work that I hole up in my office and never come out, but on days when I actually take the time to intentionally talk with my co-workers I can find out a lot about their lives and spend time encouraging them.  I can take something that seems mundane and make it glorify God.  Also, when I work, I make money.  Money which can be spent on useless things, OR that can be given to missionaries who are spreading the Kingdom around the world.

We need to develop a sense of urgency in our walk with Christ and in our evangelistic lives, because the reality is that we are letting an awful lot of people slip through the gates of Hell without even having the chance to know Christ or to feel loved by one of His followers.  I know that I can spend my time better.  I’m sure you can too.

Love like Hell Loves

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Where I grew up (in rural southern Indiana), when the ambulance siren is heard coming from Seymour or Brownstown, we all would begin to wonder, “Who needs the ambulance?” It was a really big deal. We were a small town. Everybody would come out by the fence to see the flashing lights and try to track where they were headed. An emergency was a huge deal. Now, in the big cities where many of us live, ambulances chase by night and day and we never pay attention. They’ve become part of the background noise of life.

Could it be that THAT is part of the reason why many of us aren’t as involved in making more disciples? … because we let distractions and the busy pace of life choke out the feeling that we’re living in the midst of an emergency. But the Bible is clear. Hell is real. Punishment is real. Death is real. Listen as Curtis Sergeant encourages us to “love like Hell loves.”